Steering Shares: Christine Anne George

“Steering Shares” is an opportunity for the WAR Steering Committee to introduce themselves to you! WAR Steering Committee Member Christine Anne George is the Archivist & Faculty Services Librarian at the Charles B. Sears Law Library at SUNY Buffalo. Christine holds a BA from Bard College, JD from St. John’s University School of Law, and her MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin School of Information. She was elected to the WAR Steering Committee last year.

What drew you to archives?
My love of history brought me to archives, although I hadn’t thought I would become an archivist. I started doing research in archives as a college student because one of my professors made archival research a mandatory part of his class. For the remainder of college and through law school, I found reasons to keep returning to archives to research. I went to library school to become a law librarian. On a whim I took an archives class with a popular professor. All it took was that one class and I was hooked.

Why did you get involved with WAR?
I’ve been really lucky to have some great mentors both as a student and a professional. I guess I saw WAR as a sort of “big sister” within SAA where members who have been there before—so to speak— can pass on their knowledge with those who are up and coming. It’s something that I really want to be a part of. WAR also presented an opportunity for me to once again work with some fantastic women from my time as an information school student (shout out to my former classmates and fellow steering committee members Bethany Anderson and Helen Kim).

What’s your favorite memory from an SAA conference?
2012_SAA_ChristineMy favorite memory is from the 2012 conference in San Diego. My friend, the aforementioned Helen Kim, wanted to win the first SAA Photo Contest, and I was trying to help her find the perfect shot. While trying to convince a fellow Longhorn at the UT Roundup to strike a pose with a Hollinger box she had won, I took the box to demonstrate. Ever quick with her camera, Helen captured the moment. The photo (“Christine George conquers the Hollinger box”) won the contest which goes to prove that you never know what’s going to happen at an SAA conference and beware of friends with cameras.


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